Mr. Anand Dhurjati – Global Director

Global Director, GAVIGS (CSITL, Integrated Global Solutions & Negotiated Legal Frameworks & Allocations)

  • Canadian National and Resident in Ontario Canada
  • LLM, D.E.S: Post Graduate in International Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland (1994): European Masters Expertise(2 years) in Science, Society & Technology, at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(EPFL) Lausanne, Switzerland. (1997-98): Fluent in English & French (8 years in academic & professional environments in French in Switzerland)
  • Trained International Negotiator in management of inter-dependence: Centre of Applied Studies in International Negotiations, Geneva, Switzerland (Special Global Fellowship Awarded among leading contestants)
  • Biotechnology & Law aspects research & recognition at Geneva International Peace Research Institute and participation in various global peace dividend activities as its member
  • Ongoing State of Art Legal Research & Analysis with current thrusts, compliance with International Legal Regimes on Cyber Security integrating technology & law, including Cyber Forensics and Evidence collection incorporating various interdisciplinary aspects

Training & Development:

  • More than twenty years of proven international track record of Legal Research & Analysis, Teaching of Law at University, Institute of Bankers (Also Certificated Associate having passed corresponding banking exams, Trained National Level Revenue Service Officials (Investigations & Evidence Collection, Prosecution of Crimes & Criminal Procedures), Tax & Audit Firms Position Papers, Businesses & Government, Investment Groups, Professional Business Career Institutions, Cross cultural International Training & Development (Consistent Highest student evaluations in India, Geneva. Switzerland & Ontario, Canada): Former Chairman Course Council, 14 South East Asian Event Singapore.

Interdisciplinary Trans–continental Backgrounds

  • Academic and Professional Backgrounds (Science, Finance, Business & Law)- from Asia(India), Europe (Switzerland) and North America (Canada):  Expertise in Public & Private International Law.  Member International Law Association, Canada, Corporate, Trade, Commercial, Technology Business Law-IP, Cross Border Taxation & Transfer Pricing, Real Estate , Sustainable Development & Related International Legal Regimes, Held past positions of VP, Promoter to President and led start up financial organization to a multi-million state

Current interests

  • Proactive Low Profile Lead Catalyst Coordination through cross cultural and linguistic outreach based on global team synergy enhancements through a shared vision, to collectively translate ideas & concepts into tangible outcomes
  • Emphasis on the inter-generational digital age collaboration to bridge rural-urban, urban-international, inter disciplinary gaps in an entrepreneurial fervor leading to creation of opportunity matrix Empowering & Enrichment of Good Decent Humble Integrity (GDHI), the so called ordinary to make an extra ordinary impact through awareness of their intrinsic worth & unleashing of inherent capabilities and reaching their full potential, gathering perspectives and recalibration, in the face of adversities, to transform and demonstrate result oriented resilience & impact
  • Global Business Relations Thrust on Investment Enhancements in special partnerships in the tapping of Human Resources opportunity creation of new revenue streams, through synchronized talent assessment and appreciation translating to short term training formats into applied knowledge to be integrated into transactions, activities and projects and also creation of corporate social avenues resulting in profits through judicious deployment of global talent in an entrepreneurial setting.