Investment Opportunity

For making this dream come true we are looking for investors and strategic channel partners who can invest with us in Phase Manners.  Our investors will get handsome returns from each of our ventures.

We are currently working to secure multi-million dollars Global IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security Projects contracts from a Europe based company and GAVIGS Ltd are going to play a very major role project form inception to completion. I addition we have are negotiating another similar contract from the Asia Pacific region.

These are just some of the Verticals we have mentioned.

We have many other profitable verticals that are mind boggling, Projects that will empower common people and lead a respectable life and bringing peace and harmony in society and to ensure even the poorest of poor is not left out in our Vision.

For Investment Opportunities please write to us at: or fill out an enquiry form here

 The Internet of Things (IoT) market size is estimated to grow from USD 51.96 Billion in 2015 to USD 147.51 Billion by 2020 with at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of only 23.2%, according to a new research report published by Independent Researchers Markets and Markets. The report based these numbers off of individual categorizes in the Internet of Things smart cities market, including Solutions (Remote Monitoring, Data Management) Platform (Application & Device Management) Application (Building Automation, Energy Management, Transportation).

While some industry insiders see that 23.3% as generous number, many believe it to be far under the value of the Internet of Things market. In fact, tech investors have been pouring money into Internet of Things start-ups, hoping to speed up the development of Internet of Things technology. But, what are the reasons behind these figures?

One of the biggest contributions to the growth of the Internet of Things market is the increased demand for intelligent cities on a global scale. And the rising demand for Internet of Things devices. There are currently over 200 smart city projects around the world, which provide huge opportunities for Internet of Things vendors and consulting companies.