Mr. Shekhar Dhurjati – Director

Indian National and Resident in Nagpur Maharashtra, India

Post Graduate in Commerce & Business Management


Special Strengths

  • Field of setting up high end logistics, coordinating with top government level officials
  • Organizing special access with top business houses based on own contacts
  • Initiating meaningful,  targeted  and profitable client and business base
  • Negotiating deals that are best fits and provide optimal platforms
  • Ability to create foreign companies with appropriate structures, platforms, business network and coordinating with financial institutions in India
  • One stop clearance for project needs  with the local authorities
  • Organizing necessary framework and logistics including media support and business networking
  • Consolidation, cost benefit analysis of strategies, marketing & distribution support
  • Providing the necessary human resources for planning & implementation
  • Can provide platforms in India, Asia & Pacific, North America(US & Canada), Switzerland

Practical Insights gained through the following:        

  • Liaising with some top industrial houses whose net worth more than USD 250 million dollars, arranging them in helping acquire mines, liaising with top gov’t officials and political heavyweight.
  • From year 2008 to present heading US based company who have presence in more than in 70 countries in field of high end scientific instrument as director for Indian Operations. Helping this company in setting up proper logistics and sales and helping create good business for the company.
  • Heading an international food chain as a consultant for entire western India.
  • Consultant to a top hospital for funding project.